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This is a second draft. First posted as three separate lists the text, a composite list, is modified from thirteen essential India travel sites, publications @medium merchandise sampling and seven artists I follow. As with the earlier draft this stage is more or less developed in a similar format. Isolated lists are wearing out as points of explorations and to experiment with alternate models of curation this condition is proposed. Static collections become redundant over time. Instead of stagnation as an isolated set, a group is forced and the state of reading structured within a series of lists. A composite frame is but the set. It can be tackled in multiple methods of order but it’s too early an idea to tinker with. With a defined list there is a group located. But with a composite lot how items from the group relate with each other is an object of research. This composition is extended as a direct influence of the static list, wherein the groups are set one after the other. Its title is its orientation tool which tries to bring in an order of reading. Subjects selected are everyday interest links in need of collation. A precursor to the task is the bookmark folder which became a go-to for accessing regular locations online. Review of the mundane as in thinking about things done, Why its performed in a particular way? and What are the possibilities when the same activity is extended to a different platform? Essentially the observation is a critique of actions conducted. Websites & places of interest change over time, travel in principle remains the same.


most I travelled by rickshaw is till thane

thirteen _

  • Welcome to Air India _ airindia.in
  • Cleartrip | Flights, Hotels, Packages, Buses, Trains — cleartrip.com
  • Book Flight Tickets, Air Tickets, Airfare — EaseMyTrip.com
  • Book your holiday packages on Expedia India — expedia.co.in
  • Cheap Air Ticket & Flight Ticket Booking — ezeego1.co.in
  • Book Cheap Flights, Air Tickets, Hotels, Bus & Holiday Packages at Goibibo — goibibo.com
  • India’s leading online travel company — makemytrip.com
    Tours and Travels | Holiday Packages from Thomas Cook India — thomascook.in
  • Hotels | Travel | Holiday Packages | Cheap Hotels Online — travelguru.com
  • Cheap Hotels, Flights, Vacations & Travel Deals — travelocity.com
  • Flight, Cheap Air Tickets, Hotels, Holiday, Trains Package Booking — yatra.com
  • Cheap Air Tickets | Compare Flights, Hotels, Airline Tickets @Zoomtra.com, Book Now! — zoomtra.com
  • TripAdvisor: Read Reviews, Compare Prices & Book — tripadvisor.in

Appreciation of art is personal. It’s almost difficult to pinpoint why we subscribe and like to associate with a kind of work. Following, liking is a form of patronage which give, for lack of a better word, credibility, in an extremely broad sense. To be actual patrons, one has to buy work produced by the artist as s/he can produce more work. In the age of the internet patronage shifts to association with work. Formalizing this is still tricky as consumption is in principle without an aura of the work. Its liking is relative to the image of the artwork instead of the work in itself, a concept which is very famously argued by field experts. Group set isn’t staged in any particular order or any patterns of reading proposed. What is found a connecting link among the work wherein most in here is known for their public sculptures ideally set in a landscape. Thus, perhaps it’s not the work of the artists which is appreciated instead of more towards individuals who create a certain kind of work.

that ass!

ten _

And then moving onto the subject of how do you get people to use your product the way you want to? Show folks by creating examples of how a service is meant/ want things to be. Thus aims the group _ a distinctive map of a world in the making by @medium on @medium through its first set of sponsored collections. This selection bears testament to a period of a shift when collections as content aggregators refreshed itself to publications. These, in result act as case-studies to either the phase of the application or benchmark for other iterations. With tests of custom domains, the constantly evolving platform leaves behind its trail of tested concepts a display of both its merits and annoyance. They are one of the first of a lot, case-studies to showcase method. Like the complex list, they are complex silos which via their association run important among the unimportant. An imminent probe which thus proves overbearing is — are publications complex lists in forms? If so what is the title of publication got to do with the imagination of an agenda which is in principle its guiding template? The goal of a complex list, via a curatorial stance, is a submitted agenda of reading. When the list may provide a degree of genericity the complex list may propose not the specific but unique, have a compelling motive with a dynamic from hell. Which is a disjointed form of thinking, that is deliberately arbitrary and shares responsibility in proposing arguments. [#note 01/01/2021, most of these are no longer accessible, there is no @medium but accounts are moved over to subdomain.medium.com situations. It's all right, what a future medium publication is also today in question.]

just something which is interesting

seven _

  • A magazine for a generation who grew up not caring about magazines — Matter
  • Intelligent Sports Storytelling. Shared. — The Cauldron
  • An ear for the new, a heart for the classics. — Cuepoint
  • A field guide to the designed world — re:form
  • Mining the tech world for lively and meaningful tales and analysis. — Backchannel
  • Political cartoons, comics journalism, humour and non-fiction. Words plus pictures. — The Nib
  • We are fans of photography — vantage



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