an other feeds review, clog rendering

So they fixed the pdf and it looks nicer than how it was yesterday. I generally tend to go berserk on my feeds at least on Instagram and Facebook. Very generous I am with my 👍s. There is a pressing curiosity I have on how people get likes on their posts but lately, I am of the opinion that the algorithm hides posts with the lesser likes from my feed. I also don’t go beyond 10 posts on every check-in as rule. Rendering I buy because you can’t just get only x FEEDS. Feed mode has changed the way we shop. Both digital issues are two different ways to kindle content consumption. Rendering production is prettier than x FEEDS. To note here, people in a past have pointed out I am biased toward pdfs. I do not appreciate the format on kindle since there is no double-page viewing. As spreads, the makers of CLOG have solved my display anxieties. It definitely shines better at least on the larger screen. The compilation is also far superior than in x FEEDS, or so I opine. A better overview of the architecturally rendered landscape and its various sectors. #architecture today exists between a render, or a building, or an idea of it and its becoming of it as a post. There is merit in thinking both issues together and the formats that make these ideas render on screens. CLOGs are akin to notebooks on a subject. They try and distill a concept as a series of illustrations, graphs, and posts, approximately 50ish submissions deep. Graphic spreads in yellow are fun like “Breaking it Down” and “Over Drawing”. Even the interview with MIR here is better. As a post-modern theory-making toolset Rendering + x FEEDS is a killer combination. If it does change your worldview let me know in the comments.



i think #architecture #urbanism and #curation

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