excavating youtube VS02, world trade centre

Memories are constructed in part or as a whole. In part by assembling details of an aspect of an object in question or as a whole by laying hold of whatsoever found, pieces ideally that later assumes a recognizable form. Both tasks are iterative or partially interdependent. To find parts to the whole is to create a framework in navigating an identified archive. A possible narrative should reconstruct that which has been seeming lost as it’s no longer available in a format it was earlier accessible. Recreating the memory of a contemporary condition is to approach known fields where tools of recollection are stored. Images, sound, text and its amalgamation the video are artefacts of this modernity. Miscellaneous social networks and Youtube are among one of several available information repositories to amass and make available a public archive. Relative to this archive is an assortment that gets assembled every time a keyword search is rendered. From this formation emerges a narrative, the Youtube playlist. The presented collection tires to observe the situation of WTC as a case-study for a possible form of memory to highlight its 28year period existence. Three stages are identified to this form, a) the introductory phase of establishing an identity, b) the experiential phase wherein this identity is explored and c) the surreal realm of the identity. In these three scenarios is becoming both what is lost and how it has enabled living within itself and its context at large. The playlist, the derivation of excavating an identified strata is now the fresh object to enter into public consumption in regards to that which was WTC 1973–2011. Pattern located is subjective to rules imposed on its revelation and seen as such.

Building the World Trade Center and Twin Towers — Full version WakeUpCall4World [Dec 14, 2010]
Tightrope walk across World Trade Center (1974) Mike Gardner [Dec 27, 2008]
World Trade Center Public Opening Hours Film TECHSMEX [Apr 15, 2007]
Downtown New York World Trade Centre 1970s James Cheeseman [Oct 14, 2011]
WORLD TRADE CENTER SUMMER OF 1988 Jose Rodriguez [Jul 9, 2010]
World Trade Center home movie on a clear day, 1991. Unedited. cillanthe1st [Dec 7, 2010]
Windows on the World. World trade center wedding 1992. Craig S [July 6, 2012]
Inside World Trade Center pre 911 ! footage from 1996 drum clown [Jun 22, 2012]
Ronald Segerius filmed the Twin Towers in New York EtrofOnaip [May 7, 2007]
World Trade Center : the twin towers (1998) a music lover in Paris [May 8, 2007]
World Trade Center Elevator to the top, Sept, 2000 majorleaguepinscom’s channel [April 15, 2007]
WORLD TRADE CENTER VISIT BY JIM & LINA 8/13/01 TheJimmyAllen [Sep 4, 2009]
The World Trade Center Sketchup Hugh Nab [May 19, 2014]
World Trade Center (Twin Towers) before 9/11 (outside and inside) KAWASAKI1994AD [May 15, 2012]
LOST Frames of the WTC UFO Sighting REVEALED kmarinas86 [Mar 27, 2009]


The curated videos list was first posted and submitted for review on JUNE 23, 2014. For this update of the text, two videos, [1st and 14th] have lost access from its published position. It’s imperative for the other material too should dislocate from their respective links. To observe the process of disintegration of memory. After more than 80% of the video’s fall out of place, a reproduction of the first state is proposed through conditioning a method to map both, the proposed concept and the iterative state of disintegration. This is but one probability. An alternate is to constantly update the QRCodes if the videos keep popping up at other locations or if it can be substituted with alternate content similar in the material. Memory, in essence, is an agenda of how this is captured and subjected for consumption is the thesis.

i think #architecture #urbanism and #curation

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i think #architecture #urbanism and #curation

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