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  • Duncan Geere

    Duncan Geere

    Writer, editor and data journalist. Sound and vision. Carbon neutral. Email me at



    A visual and verbal anthology of humanity.

  • Tamrat


    software developer / architectural & urban designer / / thoughts on design. tech. and anything in between

  • Career Gamification

    Career Gamification

    Your Talent Deserves More. Learn and Play to Achieve your Career. Gamified Corporate Talent Discovery and Assessment. Make sure to find our Facebook page!

  • Nabeel Basheer

    Nabeel Basheer

    Data | Science | Breads | Public Health

  • tom thomas

    tom thomas

  • Dan Kosmayer

    Dan Kosmayer

    Founder & CEO of Kozzi Images - Leader in providing stunning images at very affordable prices / Passionate Photographer and Microstock Blogger

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