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Isaac Mathew
3 min readMay 1, 2016
star _ situation, task, action, result #foundidea and branding constructs imagined with edition 00

Design shops, mostly all kinds of shops need distinctive markers for itself. Regulating things or standards employed to either identify your goods from others or for quality specifications. It may not be just the logos, fonts, colours but any set of things an agency considers necessary to define. Ideally reflecting a set of principles and ideas the organisation aspires against, a style guide is an everyday benchmark. Style in architectural design is a definitely dated phenomenon. The style guide as a medium of looking at design tries to relook the concept from an alternative view. Findings for symbols of an association at edition 00 and subsequent annual project ideas are pursuits in making frameworks of concepts to follow. Edition 01 is listed as a summary of things below, are considered packaging restrictions at the moment. Edges are eliminated. All the guide requests is a consistent use of items from the collection at the submission of any deliverable. For a project based on themes its worked under, the majority colour will control product outcome. The stance here is since practice as such isn’t particularly mature use of these elements may have variable implementation possibilities. What these are and their operation with this element set is the objective of this edition of the guide.

2010 _ founding aspirations
2012 _ early trajectories
2013 _ consolidating guidelines
2014 _ information repositories
2015 _ local trends
2016 _ working ideas


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