preservation mechanics of people for the pavilion

What is preserved? Why should it be preserved? How is it preserved? Drawn from the project Facebook page, the timeline looks at avenues of various possibilities that amounts to construction of nostalgia. Either tangible or ephemeral.

9 December 2013
Hey guys… Good news… Matthew Silva is putting the last finishing touches on a new trailer for his documentary film. Stay tuned! #NyspArt

10 December 2013
Chris Kellberg‎: There is a place where the NYSP is in perfect condition and its significance with respect to the rest of NYC are on display for all to see.

10 December 2013
Hey, we just reached 1000 Likes in less than 24 hours. More great things to announce in next few days!

11 December 2013
Visit to learn more about Matthew Silva’s documentary about the New York State pavilion. #NyspArt

11 December 2013
Save The Date! Join People For the Pavilion on January 25th at 2 PM, for our Kick Off event at the Queens Theatre in the Park.

13 December 2013
Come out to a book signing of author Joe Tirella’s new book called Tomorrowland. Joe will also be featured in our documentary about the New York State pavilion. ‪#‎NyspArt‬

15 December 2013
A big thanks to Philip Sheedy for his generous contribution to my gofundme. Every little bit goes a long way in making this film a reality. Thanks so much!

16 December 2013
Check out my NEW website and OFFICIAL TRAILER!

30 January 2014
If you are interested in helping our efforts please sign up for our newsletter at

5 February 2014
If you have not done so. Be sure to take the Parks department survey for the fate NYSP.

8 February 2014
We are still so excited for the new developments surrounding this building. “Queens Borough President Melinda Katz promises New York State Pavilion is safe from wrecking ball”

9 February 2014

6 March 2014
People for the pavilion, meet the Mets! Like if you want to join us for a special pavilion day at the ballpark sometime this summer!!

8 March 2014
Today we’re at the @HDC_NYC annual preservation conference ‪#‎preservation‬

19 March 2014
April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 1964 NY World’s Fair. In celebration of this event, the New York State Pavilion Paint crew has coordinated with the Parks Department to open the Pavilion between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM on April 22nd. Please share this news and come on out to snap your photos from inside the pavilion!

1 April 2014
Enter our Instagram photo contest for a chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!

8 April 2014
People for the Pavilion is excited to announce a partnership with the New York Mets!

25 April 2014
Congratulations to the New York State Pavilion Paint Project and the New York City Parks Department for running a great event this week. Onward!

26 April 2014
Thanks, Newtown Literary for celebrating #QueensWrites weekend at the NYS Pavilion! Share your Pavilion story at — at New York State Pavilion.

3 May 2014
The NYS Pavilion will be featured as part of Jane’s Walk NYC with The Municipal Art Society of New York! Join the walk TODAY at 12pm. The walk meets at the 7 Mets-Willets Point stop.

22 May 2014
FREE T-shirt when you buy your tickets at

9 June 2014
Join us TOMORROW from 4–6 pm at Onishi Project for the “Lost Utopias” Closing Reception. Enjoy the stunning World’s Fair photography and a special discussion on the NYS Pavilion.

15 July 2014
PFP’s Newsletter is out! Read about our latest news and upcoming events. Sign up and receive regular updates on our ongoing educational outreach and lobbying efforts for the ‪#‎NewYorkStatePavilion‬. It takes a village and a dream! ‪#‎PeoplefortheNewYorkStatePavilion‬

18 July 2014
Share flyer! PFP will be at the #AllQueensFamilyFunFest this Sunday, July 20 at Kissena Corridor Park Flushing, NY 1–4 PM. Come by and say hello!

29 July 2014
This can be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for !! Who’s coming to the Game August 1? ‪#‎NYDailyNews‬ ‪#‎Mets‬ ‪#‎MetsChronicle‬ ‪#‎PFPavilion‬ ‪#‎WorldsFair. “‬Mets will donate portion of Friday’s ticket sales to save New York State Pavilion”

30 September 2014
People for the Pavilion will join the Center for Architecture Foundation, and a host of arts and community organizations at the ‪#‎OHNYWeekendFamilyFestival‬ (OHNY KIDS) on Sunday, Oct 12. 12–4PM.

17 October 2014
Sunday, October 19 from 1:30–4:30 PM — Architots and PFP will be providing a ‘blueprint’ challenge for the children to design their version of the Pavilion Towers.

21 October 2014
Congratulations to the New York State Pavilion Paint Project for another job well done at Sundays open gate! Part of the FMCP Worlds Fair scavenger hunt.

27 October 2014
On Saturday, November 1st, People for the Pavilion and Architecture for Humanity will set up tables in three neighbourhoods to find out what residents know about the Pavilion, and what they would like to see it become.

29 October 2014
Artist Sol Aramendi and PFP Invite You to ‘Project Luz’ Photography Program

4 November 2014
Come join us for an evening of music and to support a great cause. Saturday, November 15, 2014

9 November 2014
Fun book talk yesterday at the Queens Museum with Chris Kellberg. Pick up his new book about the New York State Pavilion.

13 November 2014
Come out and support a great cause! “Fundraiser in memory of Christian Doran will aid two of his passions: helping people with autism and recognition for the New York State Pavilion”

21 January at 2015
“Another priority Katz discussed is the restoration of the New York State Pavilion that she wants to see come full circle by the end of her administration _ Borough President Melinda Katz ”: State Of The Boro Preview

a contemporary narrative on preservation methods



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