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It's not very clear why note-taking is an essential activity. But there is an industry around it mostly fueled by notetaking apps. They cite history for its relevance and prominent personas who with their copious notetaking habits generated a broad body of work.

This is not a treatise for or against notetaking but an attempt to test-drive Roamresearch (A note-taking tool for networked thought) from note to post. In practice, ideally, notetaking is a transcription of ideas from a source that needs recording so as to ‘free the mind to have to recall everything’.

We didn’t do a lot of note-taking in school, it may be just us or the way it's around here, we crammed up subjects. Professionally, ideas were collected and from there, strains were taken to build knowledge products. Notes that facilitated learning didn’t happen much.

Hence a result of both of these my doubts on why notes are essential or for that matter necessary for creativity. It may be a cultural trait mostly or so is my hunch that there aren’t many notetakers here in than elsewhere. Thus even if I do take notes on how they turn out may not have local standards.

Reviews are not notes. It could develop from notes but in most cases, if you are a purist, it’s a formal assessment of something. Anything for that matter is reviewed. We may have biases on what we decide to review based on what we think our informed views about a subject would matter.

Movies, I don’t have the skills to critically analyze. It not much about the story but I like collecting subtitles, for whatever odd reason. My idea of a movie review is a Pinterest board of sentences, ones I find interesting. I am not much of a movie whatever but, I find sentences in movies fun.

Some movies contain a lot of collectible subtitles that I note them and file. Most of the time it's a sporadic activity while watching something on the phone, a screenshot of the subtitle is taken. This either becomes a status update or reference for projects.

Burning as a watch event just happened. I stream content I also read. Korean movies and drama fall appropriately in the domain. I read movies and connect the dots with the images on the screen. Hence it’s almost a picture book reading session with background sound.

Other than Train to Busan and Parasite, Burning is the only other Korean film streaming at the moment on Prime. It got good reviews and did go to the Oscars as well. Overall an A. I did though find the movie like drinking coke or finishing a bag of salted potato chips.

There were some high points where it seemed like the story could go places and there was an expectation at these instances where more could happen. But like coke after the fizz is gone and the salt leaves you thirsty Burning is something like that.

In all that, there are three parts of a finding of self I located. As a collection, these snippets revolve around life, writing, and obsessions. In scenes, where these ideas pop up there, is a flurry of subtitles jotted down. Deep-diving into concepts while watching is a bit daft but it is what it is.

  • 0:05:27 I’m trying to become one
  • 0:06:18 I’ve never worn a watch before
  • 0:08:04 the important thing is to think you really want one
  • 0:08:48 [[little hunger and great hunger]]
  1. Something in the Nothing: Lee Chang-dong’s Burning and the “Great Hunger” by Sara Merican
  2. films are often about external discovery — we learn about places, people, topics. but certain films, especially those that become our favorite ones, reveal and awaken something more internal.
  3. not because you imagine that there is something there, but because you forget that something is not there.
  4. there is something now, even in the nothing. wisdom is gained, art is made. we tell stories, we follow mysteries. we burn, in the fire for knowledge, in the embers of love. we create something meaningful in the nothing.
  • 0:09:03 wishing to know why we live, what meaning there is to life
  • 0:11:52 there are always problems
  • 0:32:23 what kind of writing are you going to create?
  • 0:34:02 immediately. like tomorrow
  • 0:38:18 health has never been an issue thanks to my superior DNA
  • 0:40:26 I must be at the end of the world
  • 0:41:39 maybe. I’m not sure
  • 0:42:33 I feel like [[I’m reading about myself]]
  1. William Faulkner
  2. (The White Rose of Memphis,
  3. The Sound and Fury,
  4. Light in August)
  • 0:45:56 why did you call if you are not going to talk?
  • 0:50:40 the stone is making you suffer
  • 0:53:35 I make my own offerings and consume it
  • 0:56:07 listening to music while cooking pasta
  • 0:57:17 he writes
  • 0:57:21 I’m not published yet. I’m just writing at the moment
  • 0:57:24 if you write, you’re a writer
  • 0:57:26 a “writer”. someone who writes
  • 0:58:01 the oldest and the wisest woman plays the drums
  • 0:58:36 the dance which seeks the meaning of life
  • 0:58:47 as they dance, Little Hunger gradually turns into Great Hunger
  • 0:58:53 I can’t explain it in words
  • 1:01:29 a little calf is sitting on a hot pot
  • 1:14:27 I still have dreams about that night
  • 1:14:35 sometimes I burn down [[greenhouses]]
  • 1:14:47 I have a hobby of burning greenhouses
  • 1:14:52 I chose an [[abandoned greenhouse]] and set it on fire
  • 1:15:32 you spray kerosene then throw a lit match
  • 1:15:46 you can make it disappear as if it never existed
  • 1:17:30 there is no right or wrong there just the morals of nature
  • 1:17:44 simultaneous existence? I’m here, and I’m there
  • 1:35:15 come visit and enjoy our food
  • 1:39:08 are you still working on your story
  • 1:40:57 sometimes, you can’t see things that are too close to you
  • 1:46:49 a well deep enough to fall into
  • 2:03:42 I don’t know what to write yet
  • 2:08:13 Chinese people throw their money when they pay
  • 2:10:19 its no fun being serious
  • 2:10:27 you need to feel the bass right here

general trivia

  1. a dance that seeks the meaning of life — press release
  2. oh, this is nothing. talent’s not involved. it’s not a question of making yourself believe there is an orange there, you have to forget there isn’t one. that’s all. — barn burning, in the collection the elephant vanishes
  3. there were many foggy scenes at dawn, but some were deleted because they came out so beautifully — lee chang-dong

Sara’s observations of the movie in one of the better ways I have any review written in the recent past. To add to that is almost beyond me. To review Burning is to try and think out what it is, outside of what is actually seen and in my case read.

While watching I record sub-titles. I am interested only in the words and how those are transcribing onto Roam. Spontaneous notetaking is a wormhole. There is no particular end and like in this case I have, I ideally should have opened about five [[pages]] in concepts to further research on.

I focus on two quibbles for now on exporting material and thinking across platforms. Roam tries to link ideas created with each other, network them. This is very different from writing in a word processor which is like writing a final document. Like drawing on a canvas before it's painted on.

Everything on Roam is in bullets. Every thought is constructed in a block each. That is not what is expected when a piece of text is published. Sentences make up paragraphs, indicative of a concept, an argument, or a stage in the narrative. Moment ideas are moved out from Roam it's something else.

What you copy out is raw plain text with markdown code sprinkled at intervals. A draft then is processed, in this case on medium directly. It’s not possible yet to nest bullets in medium like in Roam. Thus the breakaway into numbered lists, an indicator of nested Roam bullets.

It depends on what is the plan for any piece of writing on Roam. Is it just to take notes down, like in this case here, or is it part of a larger writing project? For now, Buring and Roamresearch are very similar, it leaves you satisfied in between but wanting for more in the end.



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